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Think Socially = Think 2013

Just 3 to 4 years ago businesses were not expected to have a social media communications strategy or presence. Now, if you’re not thinking ‘socially’ then your business is likely leaving many opportunities at the door. There are multiple channels to communicate with and engage with your current and potential clientele and target market. Kreate can work with you and your team to get through the challenges and build a model and/or campaign that will put the ‘hot’ in hot sauce for your brand.

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Promoting Your Brand More ‘Socially’

Expect to feel like you’re a step ahead of your competition once we’ve got you all set up! Within our process we will establish the answers to the following questions, as well as a few more targeted questions when we meet with you to talk about your social media campaign:

  • What are your goals?
  • What are the most effective mediums for campaign maximization?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How can you reach your target audience most efficiently?
  • What degree of ‘bang’ are you looking for?
  • What type of marketing strategy or funnel are we looking to create?
  • Do you want ‘regular’ or ‘decaf’? (or maybe an extra shot!?)

Top 3 Benefits to Having a Social Media Marketing Strategy

1 — Protecting Your Brand

Out in the social space it’s pretty much an ‘anything goes’ world. Therefore by having a social media marketing strategy your company will feel that engagement has a home and there’s some guidance available as well. For medium to larger companies, protecting the brand is even more important with shareholders and employees taking the burden of a hit that originates through a social media channel potentially. Avoid this by being an amazing listener with a captivating social presence.

2 — Enhancing Your Brand

Every business wants to enhance their brand, and what better way to manage this then by using social media marketing channels. Your emphasis should be on using the best social channels available to your business and seeking to maximize your frequency and position on these channels. In creating a captivating message this message can then be spread out into the social sea of communications. Goal: Put some jam on that toast!

bellevue branding identity social media strategy marketing consultins seo seattle3 — Build Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Champions, rockstars, awesome people that love what we’re doing with our brand and company. These are the personalities and influencers we not only want to encourage and nourish, we want to channel and build more of! These folks are heavy social media users, they’re on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+…and often. We can help find these people or at least teach your business how to create and leverage them!

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